Ever wondered how much fun you could have with your family in your garden this summer?

Yes, you can plan your next summer vacation in your garden. Also, save yourself some time and money from travelling and start relaxing straight away. The best part about this is the convenience as although you are out there in the garden enjoying the sun; you are still not far from your basic needs. Listed below are a few interesting tips you can do:

Set up a floating bed

Give your garden a new look by hanging an outdoor floating bed and decorate it in your style. This can be a great idea also if you have got guests visiting. Who would not love sleeping on a bed that floats? You can use a tent to cover it completely. Kids will love playing around for hours on a floating bed.

Grow a vegetable garden

Start your vegetable garden, grow some tasty and essential vegetables. It will need planning, but if you can start building it as planned you can enjoy delicious meals made of vegetables grown in your garden, how cool is that!

Veggies like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, broccoli and sprouts are some great vegetables that you can grow in your backyard.

Have fun with Trampoline

Kids love trampolines. It is a real physical activity, and kids play around for hours and hours. The best part about trampolines is they come in different shape and sizes; you can put them in any part of your garden as per your requirements. They became hugely popular a few years ago and you can buy a trampoline for cheap at outlets such as Go Easy Online.

Another fun thing you can do is have the trampoline sunken in the garden. It is an easy process and really safe and popular among kids. If you use good garden soil, the trampoline will be perfectly installed and will give a really finished look to your garden.

Garden treasure hunt

If you have kids under 10 to 12 years of age, you should plan a treasure hunt. You can plan it out by writing clues for the kids and set your treasure. Young kids who not read in full can be assisted by giving further hints and instructions.

This is a very beneficial activity for everyone as it helps on bonding and leads to development.

Do not forget to decorate the garden to give it a real feel. You can use balloons, ribbons, sparkling lights or even decorated wooden blocks to get the look.


If it’s a nice and sunny day, you can set up a net in between, gather your people and make teams.

kids playing in the garden

Sports such as badminton or volleyball are really easy to play. People of all ages can enjoy them and it will burn your calories while you were having fun.

You can get posts and play kits easily. Also how about complimenting the evening by having some refreshment sessions with light music.

Garden BBQ buffet

Garden BBQs are always popular. You can plan a small get together with your loved ones and make it a bit different by arranging a buffet set-up. You can plan it by preparing some soups and salads beforehand and serve your sizzling meat and veggies with some rice and gravy.

man doing BBQ in garden

Want to make it even better? Use some fresh vegetables grown from your very own garden!

Your garden can add value to your life by giving you memorable moments and helps in bonding with friends and family. Therefore, taking care of your garden is also essential. Make sure you maintain it and keep it always ready for your next adventure.