Do you remember the feeling of unboxing your newly bought smartphone? Removing the plastic seal and opening up the sleek-shaped white box. When you touched it for the very first time, you understood the significance, importance, and quality of the newly purchased mobile phone.

This tells us that packaging plays a very significant role as it enhances the value of the product purchased. The industry of packaging did not saw many changes in the previous few years in comparison to the continuous changes being introduced to the world of technology.

As there are numerous choices for boxes and packaging available in the market today, it becomes very arduous to select the best solution for the packaging of products. Here are some of the best types of packaging boxes available in the market today.

1) Paperboard boxes

These packaging boxes are made by using a material, which is strong and lightweight. These boxes can be easily manipulated and cut for creating custom structures and shapes. Paperboard boxing and packaging is perfect in case of personalized packaging. It’s a hard job to find cheap packaging boxes in the market.
This paperboard is manufactured by using fibrous materials, which can be turned. Such materials are taken out of recycled paper or wood and then they get bleached. Paperboard packaging is available in different grades and is appropriate for various packaging needs.
Solid beach sulphate paperboard is the perfect type of paperboard used for the packaging of frozen food, cosmetics, juice, milk, and medicines. The packaging of kraft paperboard is perfect for the ones who prefer recycled paper that is environment-friendly and natural.
This type of packaging can be utilized for other similar applications as well. However, kraft paperboard is not ideal for the packaging of frozen goods and food-related products as it is not moisture resistant. When it comes to its design, this type of packaging has high-end looks and is available at affordable prices.

2) Corrugated boxes

This type of boxing is also known as cardboard boxing. Corrugated packaging is the one which is used for the packaging of storage and shoe boxes. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that there are different varieties of corrugated boxes when it comes to the box’s strength and durability.
It is very easy to identify the corrugated material type. Generally, a corrugated material has 3 different layers, which are corrugated medium, inner liner, and outer liner. The layer of corrugated medium is responsible for the rigidity and strength of the box.
Mostly, recycled paper is the raw material, which is used for the construction of cardboard or corrugated board. The machinery used for the construction of such corrugated board is called corrugators.
As these boards are created by using the pulp fiber, they can be recycled and reused multiple times. Corrugated boxes are of different varieties, such as a triple wall, twin wall, double-faced, and single-faced.
Each and every single type of these boxes can be used for packaging in different strength, performances, and characteristics. Moreover, this board can be folded into different shapes and sizes. These cardboard boxes are used in the packaging of boxes for pizza delivery, consumer goods packaging, and retail packaging.

3) Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes are used in the packaging of different kind of products. From paper clips to spaceships plastic boxes are used everywhere. Plastic has replaced various conventional materials such as ceramic, glass, leather, and wood. The packaging of plastic boxes has several advantages.
These types of boxes are a lot more durable in comparison to the paperboard boxes. Airtight containers that have plastic packaging can be used for preserving food quality and eliminating issues related to contamination.
The best thing about the plastic packaging is that it can store food items even at the time of extreme conditions. Moreover, this type of packaging doesn’t break easily. Another reason why this packing is very prominent is that it can actually display the product without the need of opening it up.
It is lightweight and flexible. Plus, it can be applied with coating and films for enhancing the appearance of packaging. It takes very less amount of time for producing new plastic in comparison to other materials like glass. Above all, plastic is very cost effective.

4) Chipboard packaging

This type of packaging is particularly used in industries like beverages, cosmetic, food, medical, and electronic. The type of board is created by using paper stock. Chipboard packaging can be easily formed, folded, and cut. The packaging is also very cost effective.
The strength of the chipboard can only be determined by its density. Additionally, if a person wishes to print images on the chipboard, then he can treat it with bleach sulfate and CCNB, which improves the durability of the material.
Chipboard packaging cannot be used in the case your business has to deliver heavy products as the sheet of chipboard is made of lightweight material. It can be used in the packaging of tissue boxes, crackers, and cereals. If the storage environment is surrounded with heavy moisture, then the packaging can get weakened, which can lead to expansion and discoloration.

5) Poly bag

This bag is also called a plastic bag or a pouch and is constructed by using thin and flexible film fabric. This is a very commonly known type of packaging that can be used for carrying items like magazines, flowers, wastes, chemicals, and food items.
These bags are flexible, reusable, durable, and lightweight. They have a very simple structure and can customize in terms of size, style, and design. Plastic recycling can also be done with the poly bags based on its manufacturing. Generally, these bags are made up of carrying handles, hanging holes, tape attachments, and security features.
So, these were some of the best packaging boxes available in the market. These are basically the various types that can be used for packaging. These include paperboard packaging, chipboard packaging, poly bag, corrugated boxes, and plastic boxes. Every single one of these products has different usage and most of them are made of highly durable material.